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Frequently Asked Questions

No! Just like a regular bike, you are not required to have a driver's license to ride an ebike. 

Pedal Assist is a feature on your ebike that helps you pedal more easily with a power boost from your ebike’s motor. As a result, you’ll be able to ride uphill with less effort and get from point-to-point much faster!

The bike takes 4 hours to charge fully with our speedy adapter.

Your battery can only be charged when plugged into an outlet. Every ROKiT eBIKE has a built-in display that allows you to conserve battery life by customizing how much power is being used while riding. 

Each city has their own electric bike laws. Follow this link to find out more about the electric bike laws, rules and regulations in your area.

We accept all major credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay. We will also have a payment partner such as Affirm or Klarna when the bikes are ready to ship. 

Each model has its own weight capacity - which includes the rider weight plus any equipment being carried by the rider or attached to the bicycle via basket or rear rack. See below for each model’s weight limits:

  • eHYBRID = 300 pounds
  • eFLEX = 300 pounds
  • eWAGON = 400 pounds

Depending on the model, your ebike will be 95-99% assembled when it arrives at your door and will include the tools and instructions for the easy peasy completion of the bike.

You plug it in! A charger similar to that used to charge a typical laptop computer is included with your bike. Plug one end to the battery, the other into any standard wall outlet, and you’re all set.

ebikes require the same basic maintenance as a regular ebike, so not to worry. But, if you want to keep it tip-top, you can follow these tips:

  • Top off your battery charge whenever you get a chance (don’t want to get caught riding uphill without some juice!)

  • Check tire pressure before every ride (tires naturally deflate when idle and will lose pressure every 3-4 days)

  • Regularly inspect, clean and lube your chain (the more you do, the less messy your ebike will be)  

  • Check your ebike’s brakes regularly (squeeze-check the levers to ensure you can stop easily)

If you’re new to riding ebikes or have general questions about maintaining your ebike, please contact us at You can also visit your local bike shop and they will be happy to help!

ebikes work in all weather conditions, but like any other bike ride, we suggest using caution! 

Yes! While every ROKiT RIDE comes with some accessories out of the box, your ebike is fully capable of supporting other accessories. From mounting your phone on the handlebars as a GPS display to bells and streamers (yes - they’re still a thing!) the possibilities are endless.   

ROKiT RIDE models come with a rear rack so you can transport small items and bags. If you're going to add a baby seat, make sure it's installed properly so your mini-me is safe.

You can email us at and one of our team members will respond within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. 

If you want to use a different seat, this can be easily removed from the seatpost and replaced with a different model and an allen wrench.

Most ROKiT RIDE models have bolts installed in the frame that can support a bottle cage - usually located on the downtube of the frame. If you want to use a different seat, this can be easily removed from the seatpost and replaced with a different model. This requires metric allen keys - if you are not comfortable with installing a new seat, we recommend visiting your local bike shop for assistance. 

We suggest purchasing a bicycle floor pump to check or adjust the tire pressure on your ROKiT RIDE. To ensure you are inflating tires to the correct pressure, you can verify the recommended minimum/maximum tire pressure according to the imprint on the side of your bike’s tires.

Depending on the ROKiT RIDE you’ve purchased, your seat height can be adjusted using a quick-release lever (no tools required) or bolt clamp (metric allen key required) located where your seatpost is inserted into the bike’s frame. To get a rough setting for proper seat height, the top of your bike’s seat should be in line with your hip bone. If you want assistance with setting up your seat height or general riding position, please visit your local bike shop.

Yes - just like a regular bike, your ROKiT RIDE drivetrain should be regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensure that you’re able to enjoy every ride.

Just like a new smartphone or laptop computer, your ROKiT RIDE battery will not be fully-charged when it arrives at your door. Prior to riding your ebike for the first time, please charge your battery until it is fully-charged. 

100% Refund on Any Deposit or Pre-Order

We offer a full 2 year warranty on the entire bike in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

ROKiT RIDE sells NEW bikes only.

We accept all major credit and debit cards, Amazon pay and Apple pay.

Yes, you will pay tax on your purchase.

We don't charge for shipping within the contiguous United States.

Anywhere in North America.

We will send you a tracking number when your bike is ready to be shipped.

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