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ROKiT RIDE is the exclusive North American manufacturer and distributor of best-in-class electric bikes from around the world. We are building the largest e-bike factory in America and will be selling innovative and reliable electric bikes for the best prices.

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Electric Bikes Vs Regular Bikes: What's The Real Difference

Over the past few years, ebikes have been a bigger presence on the streets in cities across the world. From...

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Why Electric Bikes Are Becoming More Accessible

Ebikes have a longer history than you might think. The first patented ebike came in December of 1895 when a...

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ROKiT Global

ROKiT is a global conglomerate and start-up incubator. ROKiT has a diverse portfolio of innovative tech, premium products, and services including mobile phones, WiFi services, beverages, pioneering 3D content production, product development, and distribution in movies and music.

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